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"The beautiful flowing words contained in the passages of this book opened my eyes to the endless possibilities,where we create the path of our choosing. The clarity of though put forth by Kathy Bradley and the Empowerment process opened the door to a brand new awareness, as if looking through reading glasses for the first time!" Arlene

"Thank you SO MUCH again for the wonderful guidance! I feel much more centered, balanced and feel my inner compass is pointing me true to what my purpose is. Definitely, I need to trust my feelings and instincts, my inner voice and most definitely trust that my Angels and Guides are always there, wanting to help -- it's up to me to ask -- and then accept and go forward. I really liked the tools you gave me to practice and I will endeavor to make them positive habits into my life. Finding and taking ME time needs to become a priority -- the setting of boundaries where I honor myself and not break that boundary. You gave me so much insight and hope and positive affirmations -- I know when I follow the advice from my Guides, I cannot go wrong, but I will head toward my true destination. A place of sanctuary for all, people and animals, to find peace and healing." ~Blessings and Light, Kim


Discover your true calling~and be fully supported with enough money, time and energy. Shift your energy from lack to abundance-Despite the distraction! Stop self-sabotage in it's tracks.


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